Welcome to the Pathology Department Professor Small

I’ve left the private practice of pathology to become Associate Professor of Pathology at Rocky Vista University!  It is exciting; this somewhat introverted pathologist (but I repeat myself…) has always loved getting up in front of groups and giving talks, lectures, basically showing off. I blame my father for putting me in the Dale Carnegie Class for public speaking when I was in school.

Life is full of interesting rhythms and seasons. There is the “parasite” season where you are attached to parents and schools, sucking up food, knowledge; then there is a productive season with jobs, making money, having a family, hopefully contributing; then at some point, for some of us, a legacy season starts to creep in. Thirty years of pathology practice has filled my head with stories, knowledge, and, dare I say it, wisdom. Gradually the thought has intruded that it would be a terrible waste to let all that experience just go away.

Rocky  Vista is an Osteopathic medical school in Parker, not far from home. Check. They needed a pathology professor. Check. They also have been looking for a Microbiology lead; I have this little hobby of a PhD in Microbiology from Duke…Check. Oh, they also have an Ethics program and I’ve been on ethics committees for 20 years…check. And they send students and faculty on overseas medical trips, and I’ve been to Juarez and Nicaragua on See Test and Treat programs adapted to local conditions…checkmate!

Almost like someone was planning this position for me all along for all these years, huh?

Looking forward to this new chapter. Not everyone makes a big career jump in his early sixties but my wise father, years ago, told me, “If you’re too old to change your mind you’re getting pretty darned old.”

Wow a blog for the Doc

My daughter the writer (her blog is taking off; definitely worth a read) suggested that I blog more. She is right! So here we go…

I’m an MD PhD pathologist in Denver. (PhD is in microbiology, actually Mycology) A friend of mine years ago called me a “professional dilettante” and he may be right. There are so many cool things in the world.  A great quote by Robert Heinlein ends with “Specialization is for insects.”

So going forward I’ll link all kinds of things as I change from wild hair to wild hair. (My poor wife; she told me, in despair, that she had married into an entire family of wild hairs!)

One of them has been a companion blog, the PaleoPathologist. That’s for exercise, low carb and high nutrition eating. But other wild hairs I get include gardening, memory improvement, language learning, grandkids, computers and lab computing, medicine…on and on.

Another one will be for stories, autobiography. That should also be fun!

So hold on and here we go!